I don’t expect anyone to do all the work for me, maybe just point me in the right direction. August 6, at 9: I thought, all 15 converters are waste now: The terminal for signals is well marked: I first tried to connect this to my old Windows Vista PC.

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If I’m completely wrong in something, or there’s some completely different way how these things are being done by more experienced people, I’d love to hear some suggestions. DrDiettrich Tesla Member Posts: It’s a “half duplex bus system” the ends of the bus should have a “end termination resistor”, usually Ohms, between the A and B signal.

RS is basically a clever variant of a serial port, which allows you sending your data over up to 1. Otherwise there is no problem in using Serial for the RS link: When everything was properly wired the communication worked well. But the easiest thing would be to send all values of all sensors in a combined string every 10 seconds or so.

Arduino Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. The USB port connects the Gnd lines of both ends. There should not be any reason why you could not make a good adapter cheaply? I want to create a USB to RS converter with auto switching between transmitting and receiving the data. Without throwing yourself into a dark pit of a project. Email Required, but never shown.


Then try a short RS link and eventually try a long RS link. I was not writing pin 2 to low, however when I did, it made no difference.

It’s important to handle problems one by one, to avoid getting overrun by problems. Solving this properly worths of a separate question: I selected this specifically because of the cheap price it is considerably cheaper than anything else I have seen for the same purpose. Mxa485 as a guest Name. At least I now know I didnt fuck up. I quickly got 2 pieces, as well as 5v It has almost the same circuitry.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. What I would have liked on isb product would have been maybe better protection on the RS port and also that signal ground would be available on uzb terminal so I could connect it when needed.

serial – Arduino sending data over MAX – Arduino Stack Exchange

DX seems to have added a new USB-serial converter that can ub many things including RS, looks somewhat interesting. I am also attaching my code, which works fine when I use it through USB.

First I had some problems in the communications, but they turned to be a bad connection on the bus wire. Faced with this undefined input, a receiver might output the wrong logic state or worse yet, it might oscillate. Could this be my problem? The device promises automatic data flow control technology automatic identification and control data transfer direction like many modern RS adapters have.


Hi, One question that I cant figure out. Since it’s half duplex, the Pi and Arduino can’t talk at the same time.


This is not a requirement though, you can go well with any wires. Use facts from multiple tutorials, to boost the confidence you have in the system. So I measured the external PS incase that was faulty, it was not 5,1V.

I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great work, have a nice weekend! Ysb I’m planning to do with the data on the raspi would be running a software like WeeWx or wfrog to process them and possibly render a local website, that I could make public as port forwarding I have public IP.