The appended letter indicates a patch, and does NOT indicate any compatibility differences. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you do not run the license server lmgrd as root, since root processes can introduce security risks. Can I piggy back on that existing service? Do I have to combine them? I got a strange log file error when installing a flex license server on Windows:. Windows running on laptops detects whenever the network cable is unplugged.

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Yes, although this behavior was improved in v3.

Installing and Configuring Flexlm on Windows

Assuming this is not the case, then use ‘telnet host port’ – if it says “can’t connect”, it’s a free port. This is necessary for either obtaining the Ethernet card address, or to provide connectivity with a Netware License server. Do I have to worry about how these versions work together? With the most common uses of FLEXlm, traffic is negligible.

When an application, or lmstat, requests the list of current users, this can significantly increase the amount of networking FLEXlm uses, depending on the number of current users.

Download registry file zipped, bytes My license server does not start on Windows 7. When a server is not receiving requests, it requires virtually no CPU time. If all components application, lmgrd and vendor daemon are v6. Wondows my client dies, does the server free the license? Make sure ALL client nodes, as well as the server node, are able to ‘telnet’ to that fully-qualified hostname. It’s on our ftp server.


A fully-qualified hostname is of the form: What happens when the server dies is then up to the application. My license server does not start on Windows 7.


However there are different versions in use and if the versions are different they may not be compatible. This is caused by lmgrd.

Dates in the 20th century 19xx can be abbreviated to the last 2 digits of the year xxand use of this feature is quite widespread.

The appended letter indicates a patch, and does NOT indicate any compatibility differences. What happens when the license server dies? Is it ok to run lmgrd as ‘root’ Unix only? Therefore, we recommend that lmgrd be run as a non-privileged user not ‘root’. What PC Platforms are supported? Yes, lmgrd runs in its own window. One of our customers installed flexlm lmgrd and the artwork. The license file information is sent via the network, and can place a heavy load.


For bit operating systems, the bits FLEXlm version must be installed anyway. My license key has a date 1-jan It blocks access to the network card, thus preventing FLEXlm to obtain flfxlm ethernet id.

FLEXnet License Manager

How do you tell if a port is already in use? If you’ve combined license files from 2 vendors, you must use the latest version of lmgrd.

Many system administrators, especially for larger sites, prefer to combine license files to ease administration of FLEXlm licenses. Changing the installation directory name to c: Moreover, since lmgrd is a lightweight process, for sites without system administrators, this is often the simplest and therefore recommended way to proceed.

There is no part of FLEXlm, lmgrd, vendor daemon or application, that requires root permissions. When is it recommended to combine license files?