Click Scan the radio module network to start the network discovery process. You can manage and configure multiple RF devices , even remotely over-the-air connected devices. When you are using protocols such as ZigBee or DigiMesh, click on a connection to view additional information about link quality and status. A window like the one below will appear, showing the different functions and the different COM ports detected. To do this, select the Network working mode in the toolbar. It must be set as hexadecimal key:

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XCTU User Guide

In other protocols, all nodes are at the same level. As the radio modules are found, they are shown in the working area. The background color of the search box indicates status. Created by DigiDocumentationlast modified on Apr 15, Finally, we launch X-CTU and the program will start. Now you are able to update the firmware of a remote radio module the same way you do with a device physically connected to a Gateway.

Download and install XCTU

Digi Smart Solutions Temperature and task management. Different controls indicating the number of packets sent, lost, etc.

Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian. Click Scan the radio module network to start the network discovery process.

Industrial Precision Agriculture Manufacturing Automation. Selected nodes are marked in blue and connections in black.


Hide or display connections between RF modules based on their quality. You can read again to check the change. Libelium supplies the XBee transceivers with the desired firmware version It allows you to use an expression to search for nodes.

This feature can be useful when several ZigBee End Device or Router have not been configured yet; this way you can get them connected to an existing network in a semi-automatic way. Once X-CTU has been downloaded, the next step is to install the program.

Download and install XCTU – Linux

Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning. You can also set this parameter for each XBee plugging it to the Gateway, and then connecting it to a PC: Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian.

The available wildcards for search expressions are:. Other features Network mode provides features to help you examine the network: XCTU is a free multi-platform application designed to enable developers to interact with Digii RF modules through a simple-to-use graphical interface. Unique features like graphical network view, which graphically represents the XBee network along with the signal strength of each connection, and the XBee API frame builder, which intuitively helps to build and interpret API frames for XBees being used in API mode, combine to make development on the XBee platform easier than ever.


Table view Display the XBee modules x-cut rows in a table. For instance, if you enter MAC: Note it is risky since you could let the XBee without communication.

If you double click a node, XCTU switches to the configuration mode displaying the settings of that node. Navigate through XCTU’s firmware library. Click the node you want to x-ctk to see its connections. Nodes discovered in previous scans that have not already been found are displayed in lighter color; they will turn on as they are discovered.

XCTU Software

Check what is your version and what are the differences between the old and the new one in this document. An update process allows you to automatically update the application itself and the radio firmware library without needing to download any extra files. The modules are connected by lines which indicate connections with neighboring modules.

By defaultall the filters are enabled, thus all the connections are visible. Thanks to the new X-CTU version, all devices connected in the same network can be shown and configured.