I got this from somewhere but don’t remeber right now. How many Bulldozers do you think are out there by now? Nope, it is not related to overclocking at all. I get that at AMD they sure know how to use powerpoint, but damn January 11, at 7: ViperXTR Oct 4, November 13, at 8:

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Only the lucky few who survived the game would be digitized and sent to the virtual realm inside the box, never to return. Some people speak of imprvements in windows 8.

So in that sense this bug is more serious. That didnt last long.

AMD FX-8150 Processor Review – Can Bulldozer Unearth an AMD Victory?

Still in the planning stage, but I think it only makes sense, outside of my gaming rig that is. My Phenom X4 was heating up the room — which was unpleasant — especially for non- gaming activities.

As someone who has found bugs when pushing scientific software to its limits, Billdozer know that it can be frustrating. Can I buy pot from you? Main steps of the evolution of clock distribution networks.

AMD Piledriver to Boost Performance by 10%, Feature New Instruction Set | TechPowerUp

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I think I will get myself a Gigabyte motherboard too, and try the bulldozer again. The exponential learning curve that AMD broke their nose running in to with Bulldozer will very likely lead to a much better Piledriver.


All around machine; some games; some digital processing. May 5, at 1: My sample piledriveer arrived less than 12 hours ago, so expect a follow up with performance analysis later this week.

Take care and thanks again!!! December 1, at It took quite some time before the AMD64 even had bit software to run, and initial tests had bit equivalents spanking the bit systems. bullozer

AMD Bulldozer, can it get even worse? | Scali’s OpenBlog™

Where are things going for our intrepid hero? Where do I buy? Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony.

Next to that some color coding would be nice of competing products Light Blue for i5 blue for K and dark blue for K next to that dark green for the FX green for the X6 light green for the X4. As I landed in Asia after a nearly hour flight from the United States to test new X-ray technology that can see you earn really substantial amounts.


I can run all of the games that I’ve seen tested with almost exactly within 4FPS on games running 60FPS or less the same frame rate as systems with better processors. Everything about the Bulldozer points to AMD migrating slowly from client to server.

Most games are GPU-bound, with the exception of Civilization games, especially the latest one. I really dont know what else to do and i spent a lot of money on this new pc… Help me please! The system used to crash within 2 hours. Its practically cold at idle, assuming you have a motherboard that manages power properly.

Both problems can be blamed on Global Foundries’ poor 32nm process. Let’s face it, even though this chip seems to be pilrdriver failure, it had opened up a whole new thing on the computer world. There are a few major improvements, but still. April 4, In this case, it is always the same error.

Sadly I see a i in my future.