Yes Is 5V voltage supplied to the pin 3 terminal of remote control receiver? Open the lid of a cassette tape by hand. Is the luminance signal approx. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Is the audio signal outputted respectively to the pins 53 and 57 of IC?

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Check the line between the Q, Q and Q Check the line between pin 52 of IC and pin 49 of IC Yes Check that the flourescent display tube is free from damages.

Press the PLAY button to put the unit in the playback mode. Is picture signal outputted to the pin 52 of IC? Set the cassette tape in loading state. As the projection light of the laser diode becomes stronger, the current of the monitor diode increases to increase the current which flows into the monitor diode output PD.

If you touched, clean with the cleaning liquid. Check whether the pin 71 and pin 73 of IC oscillate 3. Is loading motor drive voltage outputted from the pins 11 and 12 of IC?


Check M 8V line. Any reading of 0. Check start sensor shutter. Yes Yes Are the audio interface signals outputted to the pins of IC? Return asma the initial testmode image. Mounting the shifter on the back of the mechanism chassis.

Assemble the Supply main brake ass’y. So as to maintain the initial performance of the machine the maintenance and check are necessary. Is the pin 43 of IC changed from “H” to “L” level?

Yes Check or replace IC Is the pin 1 of IC on “L” level? Be sure to replace these parts with specified ones for maintaining the safety and performance of the set. Take care so that grease does not adhere the brake surface.

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Check the PC 9V line. Disconnect the FFC cable 1. High-frequency convolution module power supply VOSC The high-frequency convolution imposes the high-frequency signal on the DC current to impose the high frequency on the drive current of the laser.


Care must be taken since excessive shift results in damage. To calculate the remaining capacity, slowly rotate the take-up reel disk, and then shift it into the rewind mode. If it is normal, replace IC These tapes are especially used for electrical fine adjustment.

Sharp DV-NC70U Service manual |

The contents are subject to change without notice. YES Is “L” pulse sent out from pin azmax terminal of receiver when the infrared remote control is activated?

Is the E-E signal applied to the pin 4 of IC? Electrical initial asmxx So as to perform initial setting of mechanism execute the Step 1 of Installation of cassette housing. At left side from the reference line.

Main chassis Solder loading motor wire Capstan D.