The Arduino Mega has like 52 io pins. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Just to interconnect wires? So it should work to build the same thing on the arduino then. I also found out what I wrote above in the section about the russian tubes. Each digit of the tube has an ending pin at the bottom of it. Jim also talked about adding 4 bit latches between the arduino and the driver.

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Nixie tubes tube Driver IC

Browse Related Browse Related. I was thinking about using four driver ic to drive the four nixie tubes. In any case, proceed with caution! The Arduino Mega has like 52 io pins.

Jim is correct by saying that you should use a decoder. What does he mean with that? When you have, for instance, the data for the 2nd digit available, you drive a pulse to the second Is it another chip that you put between or how does it look?


Nixie driver ICs 74141

Classic Games 1 2. Later I found this thread here on this site called “How to drive nixie tubes from Arduino”. When the yellow LED lights up, it’s a good Tube socket SKon board for Nixie Tubes: I also found out what I wrote above in the section about the russian tubes. The ZM tube is driven with 2mA current.

Great stuff, thanks for the info! So I added a IC. These kits usually require an input voltage between 12 to 24V, and incidentally 12V is a good value to power your Arduino from the barrel jack and onto the integrated 5V voltage regulator.

The demux nixiw transfer the clock to the appropriate output to drive the register associated with the digit selected by the two address lines. Is it a chip?

The price is per 1 one item. I never 7411 used for my project, so I haven’t thought about that this also can happen. You need 40 total different outputs to select and you can use 3 ICs since 3 times 16 is But what is the decoder called?

How to control a Nixie Tube with Arduino –

What other alternatives do you know of KingDuken? I had to change my circuit to this second revision, that works with a ZM. Plus, programming that many pins is not only a pain in the butt but it can get messy on a circuit board. I also have russian types and “unknown” of which I have no idea if they are or The MCU data connection would look like those shown below And that you would need a demultiplexer.


So the signal comes from the audroino to the chip. Yes that sounds good. This doesn’t really answer the OP’s questions, could you elaborate? This item is New never used, manufactured in at the original plant in Belarus.

How to control a Nixie Tube with Arduino

If any of these leads are connected to the ground, the digit will glow; provided the anode of the tube is supplied with with to nixei. Connected as a serial shift register you would need a single clock, data line and strobe from your MCU, and connect the data out to data in for the rest of the chips. In the plate circuit of each indicator is set current-limiting resi